Pavan Guru Ji is a spiritual guru andastrologer from India who embodies the universal truths of the great spiritual masters of India, who believes in all religions. He is a visionary, humanitarian and a peace preacher. He has achieved Siddhi in the art of Horoscopes, Kundalis, Vaastu, and Future Predictions.Pavan guruji is a Leading Astrologer with Wide Clientele in the United States and India. His teachings are widely telecasted on various Television Channels. He founded the Sri Krishna Vrindavan Dham Ashram which has become the conduct of his work. He specializes in Horoscopes, Zodiac Signs, Numerology, Vaastu Advice and other solutions to spiritual ailments. 

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                            According to the ancient Hindu Vedas, Vaastu of your home/office etc can influence your well-being, health and prosperity. It is imperative to ensure there are no negative influences in the vaastu of your home/office etc to ensure health of the mind, body and soul. Pavan Guru Ji is a renowed expert in Vaastu Science and a noted proponent of the Vaastu-for-life School of thought.actually in life if we check one person starts a business it clicks very well in few days he grows well at said place and then he tries to expand the business in some other place too there he finds that the business is giving him loss he gets confused that what to do business is same material is same ownership is same but at one place it runs well and at another place it's giving loss this the power of the gravity in the said place is not good which leads to huge losses in the said place henceforth according to vaastu principles we should first check the energy levels of the land then comes structure of building then come placement of room as well as its belongings then comes the owner all these segments are necessary 
                    Astrology is a science in which a person can know his position of life and can get and complete picture of his life upto an extent this also requires Karma also if luck is there and a person is not doing any Karma then also his future gets broken Contact Pavan guru ji for online vaastu evaluation. Just send the proper plan with directions, we will check the problems prevailing & will give solutions. Pavan Guru ji is the leading vaastu consultant in US and India for Vaastu related problems.