Homas (Yagnam)

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Arogya pashupatam homa (Yagnam)

Arogya pashupatam homaIt is essential to keep health in a good condition for overcoming potential th..

Rs: 15,000

Kubera pashupatam homa (Yagna)

Kubera pashupatam homa Living a wealthy life is the ultimate aim of many people by eliminating ..

Rs: 18,000

Lakshmi Narayan homa (Yagnam)

Lakshmi Narayana homam- Getting more wealth and prosperity in life Lord Vishnu, the supreme god..

Rs: 11,000

Navagraha shanthi homa (Yagnam)

Navagraha shanthi homamNavagraha means nine planets that play a predominant role in living a wealthy..

Rs: 11,000

Saraswati Homa (Yagnam)

Saraswathi Homa – For knowledge empowerment, excelling in arts and creative fields and enhancing you..

Rs: 11,000

Vivah Vilambh Nivarana Pooja & Homa (Yagnam)

Delay In Marriage - Vivah Vilambh Nivarana HomaLord Gandharva Raja is renowned for preventing the&nb..

Rs: 51,000